In today's world, our only constant is change. While you navigate your business through fast-flowing waters, TOCICI is here, providing tools and resources for you.

Blazing speeds, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive systems monitoring and support. Whether its the migration and integration of existing systems, or the engineering and build of another, we'll help you deliver reliability and performance.

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You need stable and predictable infrastructure. Learn how we're providing this to hundreds of customers, today.

  • Are you ready for simpler, stable, and predictable IT infrastructure?
    • Transparent Fault Tolerance
    • Limitless Growth
    • Transparent Instant Upgrades
    • Monitored & Managed Equipment
  • Performance is excellent here. But don't just take our word for it!
  • How should you evaluate an IT Services Company?

  • A critical component of your IT project is ensure that a solution is designed properly, and built on solid technology. At TOCICI we leverage extensive experience helping our clients evaluate, design and implement a wide range of systems. Combining highly trained specialists with the right technology gives you direct access to predictable results.

    We have the resources to help you with:

    • Network Designs: physical and logical
    • VoIP Conversions
    • E911 Implementations
    • Server Consolidation & Virtualization
    • Storage Virtualization
    • Datacenter Planning & Design
    • Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation
    • Thin Client Deployments
    • Document Imaging Workflows
  • Providing cost-effective systems support, above and beyond what is provided by equipment manufacturers. Our systems and operational engineers work closely with your software engineers and existing internal IT department.

    ProFOSS Offers:

    • Proactive Support
    • Proactively monitoring your network, we are able to provide a dashboard view of your current environment. Alerts of immediate threats and potential issues can be identified, so that they can be corrected, or a solution recommended, sometimes well before your customers notice an issue.

    • Personalized Help Desk
    • Whether you prefer phone, email, instant messaging, or SMS. Our engineers are U.S. based, and ready to respond. Predefine the mitigation strategies which we will follow, or let us define our response for you.

    • Scalable Service Levels
    • TOCICI created ProFOSS because we understand that your number one goal is to remain productive. Available 24-by-forever, our Bronze to Platinum plans enable you to balance business needs with your goals and limited budget.

    • Serverside Support Services
    • Once your environment is stabilized, onsite serverside support is rarely needed. While we're helping get your environment to that level of stability and predictability, our Portland Oregon location has engineers available for immediate dispatch. Upon arrival at your equipment's location, engineers will combine the best of breed tools and business processes, with intimate knowledge of your environment, helping you rapidly recover from even hardware level incidents. This enables you to remain focused on your core business.


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