Enjoy blazing speeds, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive performance monitoring. All tools enabling you to focus on your business. We'll migrate an existing site, or work with you to build another, and then provide a platform that guarantees reliability and performance.

The Best In Price, Uptime, Speed And Reliability!

Θ  24 hour whole-systems monitoring and support
Θ  ROCK SOLID redundant power services; even a major half-day city outage in Jan 2010 didn't affect us.
Θ  Blended Bandwidth Across Multiple Tier 1 Providers
Θ  We manage our own BGP routes, and we control our own IP address space
Θ  Redundant state of the art cooling systems
Θ  Remote Reboot, Remote Hands and KVM Over IP


Space Power Transfer Monthly Rate
MacMini 1A 2TB (6Mbps) $39
1U Colo 1A 4TB (12Mbps) $79
2U Colo 2A 6TB (18Mbps) $129
Desktop 2A 10TB (30Mbps) $169
1/3 Cabinet 6A 15TB (45Mbps) $449
1/2 Cabinet 12A 25TB (75Mbps) $799
Full Cabinet 20A 100TB (300Mbps) $1499

Colocated Equipment Features:
Θ  Secure network-based power control.
Θ  Encrypted network based IP-KVM.
Θ  Remote hands support.
Θ  110/120VAC electrical services
Θ  Multiple IPv4 & native IPv6 addresses per physical system.
Θ  Free reverse DNS (aka: rDNS, PTR) delegation.
Θ  GigE Ports, with burstable internet speeds up to 1Gbps.
Θ  Escorted 24/7 server access.

Additional Options:
Θ  208VAC (20A or 30A) electrical services
Θ  Upgrade to 110/120V 30A electrical services
Θ  Have two power supplies? Dual power feeds are not an issue.
Θ  Unescorted 24/7/365 keycard/biometric/pin/key secured access.


Equipment is hosted inside the Pittock Internet Exchange, a Class A building located at
  921 SW Washington
  Portland, Oregon

Secure Space

Θ  Sophisticated closed-circuit camera system, with long-term digital storage.
Θ  State-of-the-art biometric scanners.
Θ  Daytime access requires both biometric scans and a keycard.
Θ  Evening access adds the requirement of a PIN Code.
Θ  Individually keyed access to each cabinet.
Θ  Web-based management of cabinet environmentals, including remote power control.
Θ  Primary access to equipment is via IP-KVMs.

Reliable Power

Power is conditioned, filtered, and supplied via multiple battery-backed UPS units which are designed for mission-critical applications. In the event of a brownout, blackout, or over voltage the UPS provides battery back-up by keeping computer systems running without interruption - before all systems are automatically switched to two diesel generators, that are tested monthly by factory technicians.

The building's power is delivered via a "six-primary" utility power substation system which is fed into the building from two seperate utility companies. If needed during an emergency, the generators have previously supplied electrical power to the entire data center.

Carrier-Grade Cooling

Redundant high volume air conditioning units are strategecly placed throughout, to cool and humidify the entire datacenter.

Dry Fire Suppression

The state-of-the-art FM-200 fire-suppression system is central to overall protection and security. Designed to extinguish a fire in ten seconds or less. While the systems used in other datacenters, which utilize water, foam, or chemicals, can be as destructive as the fire itself. Our systems use a clean, odorless gas that leaves no residue, and will not short out servers and communications equipment, or damage data files and software.

Multihomed Connectivity & Bandwidth

Connectivity comes from physically distinct fiber-based gigabit connections, to ensure that day to day fluctuations in the status of the US IP network will not affect your uptime.

Additional IP Addresses

Need an additional IPv4 address? Or looking to branch out towards the new IPv6 standard; We run a native IPv6 network with no tunneling required.

Type Monthly Rate
One IPv4 address $1
IPv4 /26 netblock $49
IPv4 /24 netblock $199
IPv6 /48 netblock Free

Additional Bandwidth

Our multi-homed internally-managed BGP routed network has the capacity to meet GigE bandwidth needs. Services may burst to 1Gbps, and all equipment is connected via managed GigE switches. Upgrades are transparent and seamless.

Transfer Monthly Rate
1TB $25
5TB $189
10TB $369
20TB $499
25TB $649
50TB $799
100TB $1,299

Additional Disk Space

We're utilizing industry-standard AoE style SAN technology. You have high speed reliable data storage, spread across a fully-redundant dual-SAN enviroment, and the ability to effortlessly expand.

Space Monthly Rate
50GB $10
100GB $90
500GB $200
1TB $400

Additional RAM

Growing? Need more RAM?

The rates below are for our leased equipment only. For your equipment, talk to us about our excellent local suppliers of lifetime warrantied RAM

Size Monthly Rate
1GB $25
2GB $45
4GB $90
8GB $170
16GB $340
32GB $500

Additional Power

As your electrical power requirements grow, we're ready to accomidate your needs. We can support single and A/B redundant 120V and 208V electrical circuits up to 30A, PDUs are included.

Power Single A/B
1A@110V (110W) $55 $65
1A@208V (208W) $75 $85